About us

Lod, the Laboratory of Dynamic Olfactometry specialized in measuring odors, was born in 2003, within the Technological Park of Friuli Innovazione. Spin-off of the University of Udine since 2007, Lod offers services to public and private companies, including the quantification of odor emissions and the evaluation of the potential olfactory impact.


Among the most qualified European dynamic olfactometry laboratories, Lodprovides analysis on odors originating from processes of any type and nature,with the objective of providing objective data that allow the quantification ofthe emitted odor.

Often the only techniques of chemical-physical analysis do not allow the resolution of the problem and therefore it is essential to add to it the sensory methodologies. It is precisely in this framework that the dynamic olfactometry is inserted, where a group of selected people determines the detection threshold of the sampled air. 

The number of dilutions necessary to make the smell reach the olfactory detection threshold is expressed as an index of the odor concentration in Odor Units per Meter.

LOD: Laboratorio Olfattometria Dinamica

Spin-off dell’Università degli Studi di Udine