Lod has become a SITEB member

21 April 2022


A reference for road development and technical progress for more than 40 years

SITEB, Italian Union of Bitumen Emulsifiers was founded due to the initiative of some of the most important Italian bituminous emulsion companies, with the support of the main oil companies operating on the national market.

The Association is organized into product "Categories", also including producers of bituminous conglomerate and membranes, analyses laboratories and manufacturers of systems and machinery.

Today SITEB has 200 members approximately and is a reference for all those who deal with "road" in its many aspects: construction materials, projects, construction sites, machinery and systems, controls, mobility services.

Lod has recently become a member in Category C, suppliers of services and quality controls, which also include analyses laboratories.

For further information visit website www.siteb.it

LOD: Laboratorio Olfattometria Dinamica

Spin-off dell’Università degli Studi di Udine