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4 January 2021

Lod has recently obtained accreditation for Odor Field Inspection

Odour Field Inspection

Odor Field Inspection is a particular type of monitoring, meant to have selected and trained people determine exposure to odor in ambient air, through field investigations in given areas all over the territory, called receptors.

The result is a map of odor exposure in terms of odor hourly frequency.


For a complete mapping, Lod created Geonose, the first SAAS service (Software As A Service) dedicated to the detection of odors in ambient air. Through a web portal and an application for tablets and smartphones, it allows implementing an Odor Field Inspection providing a geolocalized odor measurement.

This application allows direct interaction by detectors. During measurement, they record their perception in terms of the type and intensity of any odor present in the area within already preset fields. Then, the system integrates the collected data automatically, entering detection coordinates and time when the report occurred.

It is possible to display these recordings and download them from the web portal. This allows a remote verification of the correct position of the detector, as well as compliance with the scheduled tests timetable. It also allows automatic data acquisition, thus facilitating the subsequent management of collected signals.

Geonose turns out to be a very useful tool for the determination of odor impacts caused by any type of emission source, especially in the case of very complex plant environments, such as foundries, where it is difficult to apply other investigation techniques due to the massive presence of diffuse and fugitive emissions.

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