Updating UNI EN 13725:2022 standard

23 March 2022

Updating UNI EN 13725:2022 standard

Emissions from fixed sources - Determination of odor concentration and odor emission rate by means of dynamic olfactometry

Since 17 March, the new standard UNI EN 13725:2022 has been in force to replace UNI EN 13725:2004, and state: - "The standard defines an objective method for the determination of odor concentration in a gaseous sample using dynamic olfactometry with the help of human evaluators. Furthermore, a method is specified to determine the rate of odor emission from fixed sources, in particular:

a) point sources (conveyed or channeled emissions);

b) active areal sources (for example, biofilters).

The primary application of this standard is to provide a common basis for the evaluation of odor emissions.”

LOD: Laboratorio Olfattometria Dinamica

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