LOD among innovations presented in Friuli Foundation Annual Report 2022

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13 July 2023

Every year, as a tradition Fondazione Friuli presents its Annual Report that illustrates the support provided to various initiatives on the territory to the community, in a clear and understandable way. 

Theuniqueness of this document lies in the fact that it tells, through images and texts, about a prominent project that is achieving concrete results.

The Annual Report 2022 was recently published, which focuses on one initiative that focuses on collaboration between the University of Udine, the Foundation and other entities, such as the UNIUD Lab Village, of which LOD, the Gruppo Luci's Dynamic Olfactometry Laboratory, is a part.

UNIUD Lab Village is an innovation hub that focuses on bringing together academia and industry, allowing future professionals to come into contact starting right from the classroom with realities that stand out for their ability to make a difference in their respective fields.

In our Laboratory, we are proud and honored to have been chosen by Friuli Fondazione as one of the spin-offs selected to best represent their support for innovations and their decisive contribution to the development of the region. Inside the 2022 Report you will find several images of our headquarters and our staff of specialists, together with other companies in the UNIUD Lab Village, specifically identified for this purpose.


In the 2022 Annual Report, Fondazione Friuli describes LOD activities with the following words:

“What is more evanescent, subjective andelusive than odors?In Udine, however, they are not only analyzed, but also measured (...) LOD is acompany that identifies, measures and certifies the presence of odors bystudying solutions to eliminate them."

Some data of interest about Friuli Foundation:

1. Fondazione Friuli reports topics in previous year:

In 2021, the annual report focused on the Pier Paolo Pasolini Study Center, while in 2020 the focus of the document was black-and-white photography, featuring Tina Modotti and the Friuli Group for a New Photography.

2. Fields of activities of Fondazione Friuli:

- Education and training 

- Art, cultural activities and heritage 

- Public health and rehabilitative medicine 

- Volunteering, philanthropy and charity 

- Sports activities 

- Youth growth and training

- Scientific and technological research  

Click here to download the Friuli Foundation Annual Report.

LOD: Laboratorio Olfattometria Dinamica

Spin-off dell’Università degli Studi di Udine