LOD's new spaces at UNIUD LAB VILLAGE opening.

19 May 2023

Official opening of LOD new premises, attended by several academic, institutional and industrial authorities from Friuli, took place in the Smact hall of Uniud Lab Village in via Sondrio.

The expansion of the facility, which doubles its surface, was designed to meet new market requirements:

  • First of all, the necessity - related to products - of introducing analysis and odors study in support of R&D;
  • The support in the area of process evaluation (production, industrial, construction, etc.) to quantify odors correctly during the previous step and that of spatial planning;
  • The increase, also, of rhino-analysis activities, resulting from the increase in the production of biogas and hydrogen related to renewable sources.  

After the welcome speech delivered by Adriano Luci, chairman of LOD, institutional speeches were delivered by Prof. Roberto Pinton, Dean of UNIUD, Alessandro Venanzi, Deputy Mayor of Udine, and Glauco Spanghero, of the Central Directorate for Environmental Defense, Energy and Sustainable Development Friuli - Venezia Giulia Region.

LOD: Friuli excellence and talent incubator

The Laboratory of Dynamic Olfactometry was born within the Friuli Innovazione Technology Park and deals with odor measurement and monitoring. A spin-off of the University of Udine since 2007, LOD offers services to public and private companies, including quantification of odor emissions and evaluation of potential odor impact. Today it is one of the most qualified European laboratories in dynamic olfactometry.

The various skills of laboratory technicians and constant relationship with the University of Udine make LOD a leading company, offering always innovative and highly competitive proposals in the field of odor measurement. Being located within Uniud Lab Village means growing in a regional reference hub that promotes the development of the territory and innovation thanks to the synergy between university, companies and students.  



The welcome greetings were followed by the speech of the laboratory technical director, Silvia Rivilli, who told about LOD birth and evolution. In addition, three case studies were described by the direct stakeholders, important companies in the Friuli area that developed research for the innovation of their products and services, with the support of our laboratory.

In particular, they talked about:

•Odor as a new frontier of R&D for products (Alberto Azzano, Electrolux S.p.A.)

•Odor as support in spatial planning (Alan Valentino, COSEF FVG)

•Odor as a household alarm (Renato Di Domenico, Pietro Fiorentini S.p.A.)

Moreover, a speech was delivered by the General Manager of Confindustria Udine, Michele Nencioni.  


Adriano Luci, LOD and Gruppo Luci Chairman emphasized how important human capital is in the development of projects of this magnitude. 

For years, Gruppo Luci has been committed to welcoming young talents, with skills and innovative outlooks. They thus contribute, together with technical experts having the know-how, to the achievement of important results even in the field of odor emission analyses from a sustainability perspective.    


With an area of 500 m2, LOD is doubling its premises in a context,that of the university, of technological innovation and where collaborationamong local players is the centralelement for the development of solutions that are always avant-garde, keeping aneye on the future.


After having cut the ribbon and blessed the new premises, the technical team offered a guided tour of LOD laboratories.

If you are interested in learning more about ourservices, contact us byemailing to lod@gruppoluci.itor fill our Contact form.

LOD: Laboratorio Olfattometria Dinamica

Spin-off dell’Università degli Studi di Udine